Forgotten Marketing – Customer Retention

Aniket Warty

With company and brand reputations more transparent than ever, the importance of managing your company’s customer service has never been more crucial. Facing the dilemma of marketing and advertising costs at a premium, why not learn to leverage the “free and low cost marketing” that is grossly under-used: Public Relations?


It is easy to get tunnel vision and focus in on attracting new customers and forget about your existing ones.  Current customers or clients should be the dominating focus of your marketing attention.  It is by far easier to keep and up sell to existing customers than to convince new ones to buy. Why?  You’ve already got an interested buyer; someone who has used you before.  If their experience with you was a happy one, convincing them to repeat this is much easier than someone you have no trust with.    They are also the best group of customers to try out…

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