(Late) Typographic Tuesday!!!

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Sorry about being late guys! We were out of town for Father’s Day, and well, my brain never works right post-vacation.

Now, our Typographic Tuesday piece is a very popular comic (at least in my circle of Type Nerds) from http://www.XKCD.com

Who knows what kerning is? Yep, kerning is the space between two letter forms. Try not to confuse it with tracking, which is the space between three or more letterforms. Kerning is used to make a nicer visual shape for a word or words, by allowing the perceived whitespace between each pair of letterforms as roughly equal. Tracking is mainly used to create a nice look on a paragraph or line. I know I tend to use it in book design so that my copy flows well.

Designers are kerning nuts. We might as well face it. If you ever see a person looking a little twitchy while staring…

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