Facebook’s #hashtags will be great for marketers (users, not so much)


After Facebook caved and added hashtags, users brought up the one topic that comes up anytime the company makes yet another of its infamous updates: Privacy. Privacy. Privacy. We’ve been programmed to accept the hashtag as a gateway to content and conversations far beyond our own. So it would seem natural to assume that any content hashtagged would become visible automatically, on a global scale – and so goes our Facebook statuses, our photos, our everything.

Well, actually, no. Your data is safe. (Safe enough, anyway. For now).

The bigger news about hashtags is for brands and advertisers. Companies have been looking for ways to connect to fans outside their sphere of influence, and hashtags should help.

What they mean for users

Facebook privacy settings still override every other action, so if you hashtag a status that has been set to be restricted to your friends, then only…

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