Hubble just turned 25. Here’s what it was like to grow up with it.


Twenty-five years ago today, the 24th of April, the improbable and incomparable Hubble Space Telescope was launched into space. Eleven months and one day later, I was born. Coincidence?!?!

Well, yeah. Raised by two rational atheist astrophysicists, I can’t really pretend otherwise. But when one of those astrophysicists is your mother and also in charge of deciding where NASA’s world-famous telescope points, the fact is that I basically grew up in the Hubble offices.

On weekends and off-days, I drooled and dawdled down hallways papered in deep fields and nebulae, amusing myself to the relief of my overworked and underslept parent. I built blanket forts under a 10-foot-tall poster of the Hubble Deep Field, and played with Eagle Nebula mousepads (didn’t you?). When I got older, I still looked forward to Bring Your Daughter To Work days when I could have the run of the star-strewn place again.

Today the internet is abuzz with praise for that…

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