MakiCWS is a web development company that is helping SMME’s, Organizations and Organizers harness the power of the information age by providing marketing solutions through innovative web applications and websites.

“We center our strategy around the values and norms that make the IT community; hard work, sharing and caring.” – Celimpilo Mncwango, Founding member of Maki Creatives Network.

Our process begins with a discovery phase where we research and plan everything clearly – take time to understand your business and your organizations environment; then a creative phase where all elements are designed and approved; then a technical/implementation phase where the elements are brought to life, and finally a review and testing phase.

Our primary services are: web development, graphic design, and digital marketing.

We put our sweat and blood in each projects and therefore choose only specific projects to work on.

We are however available to advice you on any issues concerning your website purchasing decisions and  marketing strategies.

Send your queries to jabu.hlong@gmail.com, or use the form bellow