Baby Place Bethlehem Online

bpstorebanrBaby Place is a one-stop shop for baby products and they provide their quality selection of product and services to the majority of parents around Bethlehem from their outlets as well as deliver to nearby towns. Their product variety and competitive prices sets them apart from the rest of their competitors, a favorite for most customers being the reliable expert advice they always get from the store and the emergency support at their disposal at any time of day or night.

Their outlets already boasts a fanatic customer loyalty and what they now needed was a new convenient way for listening to their audience.


Our efforts came in the ways of putting their products online to give customers outside of town a convenient way to shop at their favorite outlet. We could not forget the beloved expert advice and that was prolonged through social networking streams and weekly articles on their website.


Focus on the site was aimed at making it easy to shop on the site and equally have access articles on various topics.bpstorebrai The site features a minimalistic touch for simplicity with SSL for security.


2. Social Network Integration

Babyplace customers now use their facebook and twitter to continue receiving their much valued customer service.



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