Client: EFS Business Machines

Project: Static Web Catalog, Email marketing campaign, Logo design

Technologies/Resources: HTML5, CSS, jQuery, php, Adobe Suite, MailChimp

Details: The project scope covered for a low budget website that can be effective in introducing new products and brand the organization as a leader in its locality.



Client: Baby Place

Project: E-commerce website, Online marketing campaign

Technologies/Resources: WordPress ®, Twitter, Facebook

Details: The site was built to improve customer service by reaching the online community while compliment the already successful outlets.


Client: Phaphama Youth Development

Project: Blogging platform, Online marketing campaign, Logo revamp

Technologies/Resources: WordPress ®, Adobe Suite, Facebook

Details: This non-profit organization focuses on empowering communities through youth development initiatives. They needed a platform to interact with the local youth.


Client: Siyabonga Nyaope

Project: Graphic design

Technologies/Resources: Adobe Suite, Facebook

Details: The campaign is aimed at raising awareness in South Africa and giving the townships affected by Nyaope a voice.


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